My Top 3 Games

Everyone has their own favorite games. Here's mine as of now!


Pokemon Platinum

World Of Warcraft


Best Pokemon game in my opinion. Not only did I like all the new monsters from Diamond and Pearl, but the extra content and Giratina really made this one memorable. Of course, though, they're all good, and I do tend to go back and forth between this game and Yellow for the king of Pokemon games. Note: But I'm definitely ready to see if Pokemon Sun and Moon can unseat either of these.

What can I or anyone say about Wow that hasn't already been said? Some may argue, but this is hands down the best MMO of all time. Sales and number of lifetime active players don't lie. I still hop on my fire mage every now and again. And I know there are a lot of naysayers out there, but I've personally loved every expansion.

Now I can already hear the rants! I know, the launch was weak. But Destiny was still a better game than it was given credit for. It's kinda like an MMO Halo and since we haven't gotten one of those yet, this is my favorite shooter right now. And the expansions keep getting better. No matter what it lacks in story, I can't shake how fun it is to unleash each guardian's supercharged power!

Now that we got that out of the way, I probably should give a proper welcome. Bienvenidos mis Amigos! Glad you're here! I'm currently working on getting better recording equipment for Twitch, but you can stop by here in the meantime to check out the games I'm following. And the future games I'm so stoked about! Speaking of future games, I need opinions on what you'd like me to follow. Of course, I'm a huge Pokemon fan so I'll be following Sun and Moon until it released. There's already loads of news about it out there. For instance, check out Bulbapedia for the latest articles published on the games. When they release, I'll be getting both on day 1, so I'll have them up on Twitch and here on this site in the few hours following that.


Let's talk about what I'm doing currently. As you can see, this site is about pretty much shooters, RPGs, and platformers. Over time, I plan to add game reviews and even footage to their specific pages. Of course, I'll be trying to shoot my own videos soon, but until then we can talk about what you can expect from my Twitch.

Mostly I follow games rated teen or under. I know there are a lot of great games in M but this is a PG-13 account. Shooters tend to be what I favor most often, because there are a lot of them. But as I said, this is a non-mature account so I'll only be covering ones like Halo 5, Destiny, Star Wars Battlefront, and Overwatch.

RPGs consist of games like World of Warcraft of course, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Fire Emblem. GamingWe all like these for their story-driven plots, but I also like the idea of leveling up characters, and also seeing how personal relationships between characters turn out . . . when applicable. I had my Pikachu very fond of me on Yellow so I guess that counts.

Platformers would be games like Ratchet and Clank, any of the Mario games, and Legend of Zelda. There's some argument with some of these, but mostly I consider any game where you can run around aimlessly (that's not an RPG) a platformer. In fact . . . here's a great video about them. If a game looks or plays kind of like these, it's a good bet it's a platformer.

And I can already here the question coming! My personal favorite is Super Mario 64. I played the game as a kid and it pretty much set the bar for what a perfect platformer is. Some will disagree but I don't think any would argue that it was one of the best games of its time.


I'm going to start streaming these three genres to start with but right now I'm following them myself. Make sure to go over to Twitch and check me out. I'm getting help right now setting the rest of it up. In case you were interested, this web design firm helped me for a very small price. They pretty much set most of it up in less than a day. Here's their link


I know I took a little longer than I said getting done, but if you can't wait to see some of the stuff I'm getting ready to stream, head on over to that Twitch. Or if you have any questions or comments or you just want to chat or something, hit me up on my contact page.


Update: I got most of my Twitch account done so head on over there to see what new games I'm following. I'm keeping an big eye on Overwatch right now because it's doing so well and put bluntly, it's a fantastic game. If you haven't played it yet, you got to! Alright, see everyone online.


Alright, have fun, everybody. I'll see you online. Adios!